Streetlight Manifesto Tickets

Streetlight Manifesto

Age Requirement: 
Ages 6 and up. Ages 6-17 must be accompanied by an adult. 

It's usually a good sign that a band is going places if they sell out their first concert - which is exactly what Streetlight Manifesto did. In 2002, three members of the former ska band Catch 22 gathered up a large number of musicians and set off to create Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution EP, which included the song "Here's to Life", later becoming one of the most famous works by Streetlight Manifesto. 

The band quickly switched from being a ragtag group to a fully-functioning ska band. Their first official recording was a four-track demo EP, which received such critical and fan success that all four songs were re-recorded for their debut studio album. Their debut album, Everything Goes Numb, was a smash hit, but the band began to experience a bit of turmoil. 

After several band members moving around and a few tours in between, Streetlight Manifesto settled in around 2007 with their almost-final lineup. At this point, their second album was released and gained a cult following almost instantly. Their success continued through 2013, when their fifth album, The Hands That Thieve, was released. The world influence of eastern European and gypsy sounds gave the album a unique feel, and served as a great introduction for the band's movements forward. 

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