Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball Tickets

Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball

Age Requirement: 21+

THE FETISH & FANTASY HALLOWEEN BALL – 21 YEARS STRONG… Join 7500 of the sexiest people in Vegas at the 21st annual and see why for 21 years it has kept it’s reputation as…

THE SEXIEST PLACE ON EARTH : Robin Leach calls it “ONE OF THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS, BIZARRE AND RISQUE HALLOWEEN PARTIES IN THE COUNTRY“. The Los Angeles Times says it’s “THE ONE PARTY YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS“. Named as “ONE OF THE TOP 10 EVENTS IN THE WORLD” by the Travel Channel, “ONE OF 5 EVENTS TO ATTEND BEFORE YOU DIE” by Maxim Magazine, “THE WORLDS WILDEST HALLOWEEN PARTY” by Bizarre Magazine, and “THE MOST ADULT OF THE ADULT HALLOWEEN EVENTS IN VEGAS” by the Las Vegas Weekly, the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball always lives up to it’s reputation.

RULES : Non professional style cameras are allowed, but no video recorders. NO NUDITY or LEWD ACTIVITY will be tolerated. To look for yourself in the crowd, or to see some of the wild antics from previous years, click PICTURES FROM THE BALL.


You must be dressed in the decreed attire or you will not be allowed to enter. NO discussions, NO refunds. Looky loos and party poopers are encouraged to go elsewhere.

Acceptable coverings include:

COSTUMES of any type


  • uniforms
  • leather
  • lingerie
  • latex
  • rubber
  • p.v.c.
  • lace
  • feathers
  • saran wrap or anything else you might dream up
  • FORMAL WEAR meaning tuxes for men, gowns for ladies

 Ladies may wear sheer fabrics, and revealing outfits, but NO NUDITY WILL BE ALLOWED. Pasties and liquid latex are no longer acceptable, due to the wisdom of our elected officials, nor will realistic looking rubber or other artificial genitalia (inflatables and other obviously non-real is acceptable). The fragile reputation of Las Vegas is at stake after all. Realistic looking or functioning costume weapons of any sort will also not be allowed (example: a steel Conan Sword would not be acceptable, a flimsy plastic one would be).

To avoid causing any major skirmishes or mobilizations of the “PRUDES FOR THE ELIMINATION OF EROTIC PARTIES” ( PEEPers), PLEASE COVER YOUR NAUGHTY CREATIONS when coming to and from the event.

For current availability and personal assistance, please call our office at 1-888-777-VEGAS!